Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham gets candid about her marriage and battle with depression. Who would have ever thought the super funny Toyin would be battling with depression?

In an interview with Broadway Tv the actress opens about her marriage, use of drugs and her latest movie ‘Alakada Reloaded’

Toyin could not stop smiling when she was asked how she felt about the success of ‘Alakada Reloaded’

“I feel very happy about the success of ‘Alakada Reloaded’. God has been so good to me. My fans have been so wonderful. I was not expecting something this much, i mean N25m in three days.”

When asked what’s next after Alakada Reloaded, she said

“I can’t say but the next thing is going to be bigger than everything i have done in the past including Alakada Reloaded in Jesus Name”.

‘The Okafor’s Law’ actress says she had to deal with depression and drugs.

“I did not plan for a broken marriage, after my marriage there was so much negativity around me, i did not heal before going into another marriage. I thought another relationship was going to heal me. I realized i did not love myself and i wanted people around me to love me.”

Toyin also spoke about her bad habits

“I was loosing so much touch with things that used to work for me because i was involved with negative habits like taking drugs, smoking and use of codeine.”

The actress burst into tears while talking about how God gave her another chance. “I owe God almighty for giving me another chance. To my fans thank you for always supporting me even when i mess up”.

Speaking about her marriage, she said

“No one is to blame for my marriage. I have my fault and so did he, we both brought our negativity into the marriage and it just did not work.

Toyin Abraham also told her fans she will still get married and have kids so need to worry.