Sultry Nollywood actress Uru Eke still believes in love and marriage despite all the scary stories been told about marriage.

Uru admits to being a hopeless romantic.

“I’m a glass half full kind of girl and a hopeless romantic at heart and I still believe that true, faithful, fulfilling coupling still exists. Having said that I still harbor the fear of opening my heart up incase I let someone in who isn’t deserving.”

The ‘Weekend Getaway’ actress would like to see more positive love stories that have tested time and overcome obstacles.

“Without a shadow of a doubt love is an absolutely beautiful thing and it is every girls desire to have their dream wedding with all the bells and whistles. Some people go out of their way to borrow money to make the day live up to all their expectations and more. But how about when all of this is done and the reality of the union sets in. Life happens and hits you for six, is the memory of the lavish ceremony enough to keep the two people together. I want to see more positive stories about people in love and relationships that have tested time and overcome obstacles. Old fashioned romance and stories of gentleman who have gone out of their comfort zones to woo the loves of their lives and continue on that path to keep her.”