Sultry actress and singer, Uche Elendu,  has been in Nollywood for over a decade. The Abia State-born International Relations graduate is said to have over 200 movies to her credit. She took a brief break from the silver screen to attend to family matters but is back on the scene again. The beautiful mother of two speaks with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS on marriage, motherhood and bouncing back in her career

What has been your best moment as an actress?
That was during my traditional wedding when the whole village came out to see their goddess. Some dignitaries in my village were in attendance, including my Igwe. The respect and recognition given to me by my state to grade the roads just for my guests to have good access to my home, the spark of pride in my father’s eyes recording the most successful and crowded event till date in my place. It was indeed a great honour.

What is your take on high rate of promiscuity among Nigerian actresses and why do we have such a situation in Nollywood?
Well, I don’t understand what or where you got your facts from but what I know is that everyone ought to speak for herself. That we are in the limelight and have admirers from the opposite sex doesn’t mean we are sleeping with them. Just like there are married women out there that are enjoying extramarital affairs, so is it obtainable in Nollywood and it is totally a personal decision. There are still many married women that are very faithful in their marriages and have been unjustly accused because of these generalised insinuations.