Award winning actress and movie producer, Judith Audu says Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry has been responsible for boosting the country’s image.

Audu made the statement against the backdrop of a recent report done by CNN lauding the exploits of Nollywood.

She wrote on Instagram: “We have no idea the magnitude of the phenomenon we know as Nollywood.  I love my industry; we are arguably what keep Nigeria in positive news constantly around the world. It’s with pride I introduce myself as a filmmaker .It is not a small feat to be here. Nollywood is not for the weak. If you are one of those people that still think we have an easy job and we are jokers please come and shoot a film .Let’s talk after that. God bless all our founding fathers and every soul in Nollywood

We put sleepless nights with tears and blood for a career we love so much .Our hustle go pay”.