Mercy Aigbe/

On the 31st of December 2017, Mercy Aigbe steered a controversy she never saw coming when she posted pre-birthday photos.

Her 40th birthday definitely was a talk of town with a mix of controversy when a newlywed stormed the internet saying one of mercy’s costumes was hers.

The lady disclosed that she was disappointed by the designer whom she gave the fabric to sew for her reception but later saw the outfit from the same designer on Mercy Aigbe.

The designer took to social media to defend her brand claiming Mercy Aigbe bought same fabric, choose same style so there was a mix up.

With the designer’s excuse not adding up, many were convinced it was a deliberate act as it wasn’t possible for both Mercy Aigbe and the bride to be of the same size.

Over a week after the controversy, Mercy Aigbe Finally speaks up, stating a total different story from that of the designer.

According to Mercy, she hired a stylist for her birthday shoot who hired four costumes from a designer.

Mercy stated that she has never worked with either the designer or the stylish before her birthday shoot so she had no idea the cloth was meant for someone’s wedding.

However, she disclosed she has spoken with both the bride and stylish and her lawyer is currently involve ensuring the situation isn’t messier than it is already.