Nollywood actresses Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye are both great Nollywood actresses and over time has been compared for either their resemblance or acting styles but never for a better actor.

Ivie Okujaye is married with a child and started her acting career from Amstel Malta Box Office while Genevieve Nnaji is yet to be married and also has a child but she stated her acting career many years ago before Ivie.

The comparison started when Ivie was on the reality show and people felt like she acted like Geneveive Nnaji while others felt they just look alike.

Ivie has starred in movies like Dowry, Hotel Majestic, Black Silhouette, How She Left My Brother, The Volunteers and many more…

while Genevieve has starred in A Road To Yesterday,Tango With Me, Mirror Boy, Half Of A Yellow Sun and many more…

What do you think?

Just looks or similar acting styles?