Tonto Dikeh/

Cosmetic surgery has become the most patronized form of enhancing physical beauty by celebrities and every other person that can afford it word-wide.

Some of our entertainers in Nigeria have gone under the knife to fix parts of their body that they feel uncomfortable about.

While this process is more common among the women, not so many are bold enough to disclose the fact that some parts of their body are artificial.

They often hide under the pretense of intense exercise as the reason behind the tremendous difference on their body.

While we aren’t disputing the fact some individual who are patient enough got their dream body through fitness, but we think actress Tonto deserves to be cut some slack.

Some of her colleagues over the years have been flaunting silicon enhanced body without the boldness of revealing they went under the knife.

So far so good, Tonto Dikeh is the first celebrity to openly disclose she went under the knife and also the first to take members of the public through the journey of the change.

If not for anything but for her honesty , she should be cut some slack as she could have chosen to remain silent like others and accredit her changes to some beauty products and exercise routines.

Either way, her enhancement doesn’t stop her from being the wonderful role interpreter she is neither has it stopped her from being the normal playful and cheerful individual she is.

Life is all about choices and she already made hers. It’s all about what rocks your boat!!!