One of Ghana’s most sought after actresses, Yvonne Okoro has come out with an outburst to mark down Mexican, Indian and Telenovelas. It appears to have been a notion which has been boiling inside her before a certain campaign picture made her spill on Instagram.

In her aching opinion, she disregarded the usual story line of these countries’ movies compared to her home land movies and blamed Africans for not appreciating their efforts enough.

She let out these words to caption to the post “Am so happy that people are talking about it FINALLY..What stories are these Mexican,Indian, telenovelas telling that we haven’t told already and retold over and over AGAIN…Is it a poor girl meets a rich man story..Big deal We have Done it over and over..I guess wat they say is true Africans believe everything BLACK is SUB STANDARD!!! #supportyourown..”

What is your take on her opinion?