Valentine Day is obviously for lovers and the best way to spend this special day is by grabbing a bowl of Popcorn and seeing a romantic movie.
Trybe has picked romantic and sweet movies you and your partner can see this Valentine’s Day.

A movie on our list is still trending and we want you to include it on your list of most see movies this Valentine, “Royal Hibiscus Hotel”.

1. Love Regardless:
There’s a strong love bond between Uti and Princess and now that they are both in separate worlds Uti still can’t let go and Phillip is beginning to get more confused. Featuring: Eddy Watson, Zynel Lydia, Robert Scott.


2. Fugitive

This is a romantic movie centered on love and friendship. A boxer, who loses everything and accidentally kills his girlfriend, he rescued by a rich, compassionate lawyer who takes him in as a son but things quickly turns around when the lawyer’s daughter develops feelings for him.

3. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

Nneka, a hard working career single lady gets ditched by her boyfriend for the filmiest of excuse, she calls the guy’s bluff and moves on with her life. However, a secret admirer shows up in the restaurant one day and a silver lining appears in her gloomy world of grief. 2018 Latest Nigerian Movies African Nollywood Movies Intriguing, Captivating Movies to keep you on your toes.


4. Gidi Blues

Story of Akin, a playboy from affluent family who accidentally meets an interesting young, beautiful, confident lady (Nkem) in an unpredictable place, who is devoted to her work as a community worker in the city’s worst slump.
Their encounter turns the life of Akin and changes his life for the better.


5. When Love Happens

When love happens is a high art and glossy romantic comedy about the lives of 3 twenty something professionals in a modern technology connected Lagos and the hilarious and often bizarre adventures in finding romance.


Which movies will you recommend for a perfect Valentine’s Day?